No human contact

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic I'm sure that your business understands the importance of keeping human interaction to a minimum to reduce the risk of passing the illnesses to other people. The Top Pocket Menu is a simple sticker that can be placed on each table at your restaurant or bar which users can simply hover over and be directed straight to your menu to order from the table.


Efficient, Safe and Simple

No need for waiters or waitresses to collect orders or collect payment reducing human contact time during the dining experience. This saves you time, money and is a great simple experiences for you customers.

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Simple Pricing

If you already have an online menu and/or online ordering system our stickers can link to those with no monthly fee. If you would like to order some stickers email us here with how many you need and we will respond with a quote asap.


£15.00 / mo

  • Website hosted menu
  • 10 free menu tags
  • No custom domain
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£25.00 / mo

  • Website hosted menu
  • 20 free menu tags
  • Custom domain
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After purhcasing a subscription please send us an email here so we can work on producing your menu.